Holly Knowles

Holly Knowles photo

Previous experience:

Over the past two years I‘ve worked in call centers and as a Receptionist so I know how to deliver a high standard of customer service, I’m also very used to working to targets and doing things by the book!

Job Title: Assistant Contracts and Marketing Co-ordinator

Company experience: I’ve helped out here at JKSL on Reception for a few weeks previously but now I’m excited to get stuck in, be more involved with the team and learn more about the industry.

Favourite part of your job: I’m looking forward to being involved in several areas of the company to expand my knowledge so every day will be different! I love the inventive and creative ideas Mike comes up with for marketing and getting to send those out to clients, updating the social media pages and helping out my colleagues.

Least favourite part of your job: Trying to work the photocopier!!! Technology is not my friend…

Interests away from work: I looove shopping, I mean what girl doesn’t? I also love the theatre, I’ve recently been to see Wicked at The Lowry and I’ve been playing the soundtrack on repeat, obviously imagining I’m center stage of course! I like to go out with my friends of a weekend dancing and I have a habit of making impromptu plans to adventure, over the summer I visited Berlin and Sardinia. Two very different but equally interesting locations! I’m obsessed with anything beauty and makeup related and I love to test out new products and put them to the test, I also write mini reviews on Instagram if something really catches my attention.

Favourite line from a film: '…have courage and be kind.’

If I could be anywhere right now I'd be: I’d be in the wings filled with nerves and adrenaline waiting for my que to enter the stage…