Japanese knotweed is the UK’s most infamous invasive plant and is very difficult to eradicate. One piece of root, the size of a fingernail, can quickly produce a new plant.Find out more.

Giant hogweed has spread quickly across the UK since its introduction in the 19th century. Find out more.

Exotic aquatic species can quickly choke waterways, block out sunlight and kill other life. Find out more.

Himalayan balsam is now commonplace throughout the UK growing up to 2m in height.Find out more.

Ragwort poses a high risk to land used for grazing or forage production. Find out more.

Buddleja has escaped gardens and now poses a threat to open ground where it can self-sow.Find out more.

Rhododendron is considered attractive in gardens, but now poses a threat in the wild.Find out more.

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    Invasive weeds are a fast growing problem for land owners and managers throughout the UK.
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    Across commercial land, areas earmarked for development, public spaces and even water courses, a range of plants are taking over.

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    Himalayan balsam is now commonplace around the UK. It grows up to 2m in height with every plant producing around 2,500 seeds per year.

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    Japanese knotweed is the UK’s most infamous invasive plant. It is widespread, quickly takes over huge swathes of land and is very difficult to eradicate.

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    Exotic aquatic species are often sold in garden centres. Some have escaped into the environment where they have become pests, threatening native species.

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    Ragwort is one of five weeds included in The Weeds Act, meaning that responsibility for control of the ragwort rests with the occupier of the land.

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