Don’t Follow the Herd

Having a day out? Why follow everyone else down the same path, park at the same park and feed the same overfed ducks. Go and explore!

There’s a wealth of interesting sites and natural life off the well-used beaten tracks. It’s far too easy to follow the herd and be drawn to the busy areas, but we know nature thrives in areas where us humans have less of an impact. In our local areas we have an abundance of both birds, animals, trees and plants.

Locally, we have access to sites most would only get to see in glossy magazines, like patches of Bluebells under treetop canopies or catching sight of a kingfisher, fishing from rocky streams will be something to remember or capture on camera. There will never be convenient signs for these places and moments – we need to explore and seek them out to appreciate them.

Some or our local wild animals like deer and badgers are difficult to see but coming across evidence of their presence can be exciting. If you’re lucky, and very quiet, our local deer can be seen in small woodlands – you don’t need to go to Tatton Park to see such sights.

To continue to appreciate and enjoy this, we must be extremely thoughtful to these special secluded places we find.

So, put your wellies and go explore!

Lois Bailey

Operations Assistant