I told you so

Why do some people in life always make quick decisions without researching their topic thoroughly enough? They just look at the immediate bottom line 24/7 without thinking about the long term implications of their decisions.

We undertook a large site survey for invasive weeds, constructed a detailed remediation report complete with design drawings, site specific method statements and risk assessments and submitted this as part of our tender bid. The project was about as complex as they come; we had to utilize all of our extensive expertise to construct a sound and viable remediation strategy. Extensive evidence of our track history was submitted and we recommended that we sit down with the project design team to ensure that the right strategy was implemented. This advice was not taken.

Three companies were selected to submit tenders, JKSL being one of them. The other two are considered by the ‘industry’ to be less reputable than ourselves. In addition to this they do not have the knowledge, skills, labour force and sound financial footing to undertake such a project.

JKSL came a very close second in the tender selection process, which was judged, in the end, on price alone. The winning contractor was the least experienced of the three.

This is not sour grapes- just astonishment at such a prestigious project, in this current economic climate, could be awarded to a company with such poor credentials. These types of decisions remind me of some of the reasons why we find ourselves in the current climate.

Six months after appointment and the winning contractor was part way through the extensive (or what should have been an extensive) process. I was slightly surprised to receive a call from the client asking us for advice on some of the works they had undertaken! Apparently not all had gone swimmingly, in fact hardly anything had, hence their embarrassed tone when they asked us if we would be willing to ‘sort the mess out for them’. Of course we obliged.

You get what you pay for and Like Will Smith says in I-Robot (great film I was watching the other night)…’Somehow “I told you so” just does not cut it’…!

Looking back after the site was properly remediated by us I found myself wondering why didn’t they listen in the first place? Perhaps I was not as pushy like I know their salesman would have been (I know I am not, as he is, a tyrant!)? But to be honest I do not want to be ‘pushy’ in my approach to win business and do not believe I need to be to run a successful company; our excellent service product is what people will buy. I am not a salesman, just a nice young man who grew up in the countryside and has built a career in improving the wonderful British environment. I believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing properly – thus do not expect us to cut corners like some of our competitors.

If you want it doing right for a reasonable cost then contact myself, Dan, Zach, Mike or any of the JKSL team on 0161 723 2000 who will give you honest friendly advice on the topic.