Invasive plant controllers Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd have put out an infographic showing the “World’s Most Invasive Invaders”.

The infographic features a number of familiar faces including the Nazis and the Roman Empire, but it also includes some unexpected “invaders”, not least of all the Beatles (yep, the 60s beat combo!).

Th infographic also looks at Japanese Knotweed – showing that it has spread a terrifying amount in the relatively short time that it has been in the UK. In terms of the territory it has taken over, Japanese knotweed is spreading faster than the Roman empire – and it is showing no signs of slowing down!

That’s probably why Japanese knotweed gets the “underdog” award in this particular info-graphic, although if it were based purely on invasive plant species, we think that the underdog award would probably go to rhododendron – the pretty, common, inoffensive shrub – which the European Environment Agency recently described as “the most damaging plant in semi-natural environments in the UK”.

Still, the infographic is a jolly good laugh – and informative too.

To view the infographic in full, just click on the picture, or follow this link to view the infographic on