JK holds up new developments in King’s Lynn

Plans for 155 new homes in South Lynn were approved by West Norfolk Council today, but a raft of flood protection measures have had to be included.

The homes will be built on the northern side of the Nar Ouse Regeneration Area (NORA) site off the Wisbech Road on land which is currently empty and awaiting redevelopment.

The homes will be divided between 20 flats and 135 houses arranged in eight blocks of six and housing will be provided predominantly in terrace style with eco-friendly elements including solar panels.

But the Environment Agency has carried out more detailed research into potential flooding in the area since the outline application was approved in February, and new precautions need to be taken.

A report before the planning committee said although the flood risk zone had not changed, the agency now wanted ground levels of 4.8m Above Ordnance Datum (ADO) (the mean sea level) rather than 3.5m.

Parts of the site adjacent to existing homes could not accommodate such a high floor level, so flood barriers will have to be provided.

Both Lynn’s Civic Society and the local branch of the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) have complained that the plans show the riverside area used for car parking as there is also a cycle path and footway in the same location.

The CPRE has also pointed out that the scheme does not take into account the rising age of population who need homes which don’t have stairs.

The project includes social housing and the homes have been designed to be flexible in terms of living space and opportunity to expand at a later date with roofs which can be adapted to form a roof terrace until the owner wasnt to expand accommodation.

The report before yesterday’s meeting said the development would help regenerate the town and create a community of “quality residential accommodation where people want to live.”

The presence of the invasive Japanese knotweed plant could lead to part of the site being unable to be developed while decontamination work is carried out to eradicate it.

Work on the site will be carried out in three phases and 15pc of the project will be affordable homes