Same mistakes

JKSL have recently undertaken extensive remediation works on a site in the midlands. Numerous areas of Japanese knotweed were recorded in different phases of the development, leading to a range of remediation techniques being employed in order to give our client the most cost effective solution to the problem.

The areas which were to be chemically treated only were highlighted on the drawings, marked and walked on site. After the initial works were undertaken in late 2011, the project phases, unknown to JKSL, had been accelerated and works began within a few months next to and within the other infestation well before eradication would be achieved.

Unfortunately this led to fragments of rhizomes being dispersed all over one of the phases. The mistake was not realised by the client until it was too late. JKSL attended site within 6 hours to assess the situation and advise on the relevant remedy. Due to the large scale of the issue there was no alternative but to remove materials from site to a licenced landfill. This has nearly doubled the initial remediation costs.

Despite all the procedures we implemented and advice given, it appears that this has been waylaid. The phrase ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ comes to mind!

At least we were able to limit the damage in the end by our immediate response and level heads which is all part of our extensive warranty packages.