Speculate to accumulate

Over the last few months, our survey teams have been extremely busy surveying a range of land banks for large developers and house builders to record any invasive weeds. These proactive clients are ensuring that their biggest assets are well-protected and there are no nasty surprises when they come to develop in future years.

The results of these surveys have been mixed: some have had invasive weed issues and we have produced detailed remediation reports as a result; others did not. There have been several case where our clients were not aware of extensive Japanese knotweed infestations loitering on their land. JKSL have therefore been able to implement chemical treatment regimes just before the end of the 2012 growing season thus ensuring that the viability of these stands have been significantly reduced. Appropriate warranty packages have been taken out and will be implemented in the coming growing seasons to ensure that the infestations are eradicated and do not hinder development.

In-situ chemical treatment is the most cost effective solution to the issue, so by acting in advance, our clients have saved large amounts of hard-earned income in the long term by avoiding more expensive mechanical methodologies. This, combined with the fact that there will be no delays to the construction programme pushes the total savings up even further – result.

It just shows: especially in these harsh economic times, it pays to plan ahead; sometimes to spend a little can save a fortune!

Alex D