The Hulk

There’s something eerie about weeds – their speed, their ingenuity, their almost supernatural resourcefulness. “Shape-shifters,” (Richard Mabey).

Recently reading an article about Richard Mabey’s book ‘ weeds’ I cannot help but think that he make one very valid and obvious point. ‘We may hate them, but there is no question that they succeed as they do partly through our efforts’.

What he refers to as one of the UK’s most wanted super weeds – Japanese Knotweed – he notes that it was deliberately introduced to this country and has now demonstrated a ‘Hulk-like’ ability to cause structural damage to building foundations, roadways, pavements etc…

It is because of this somewhat ‘super’ power that developers are now increasingly aware of the plant and its economic consequences. Recently I have visited many large development sites and have been pleased to see that the JKSL’s ‘clean site policy’ has effectively been implemented and has positively reduced the risk of further contamination through the sites.

So let’s not allow this weed to succeed and inhibit development through our lack of efforts. If you are interested in getting more information and advice on the JKSL’s ‘Clean Site Policy’ then please contact us.