The wonder of weeds

JKSL featured on BBC’s program ‘The Wonder of Weeds’ last night (22nd June).

Our Managing Director gives advice on the issue of cross-contamination, how it can be avoided, and how best to treat the problem.

The program also features a little look into sifting (clips shown are not our staff, don’t want to steal any credit there!), and the process of chemical treatment & incineration.  So for all of you wondering “how do they do it?!” have a watch and see for yourself.

If anyone would like to know more information on Japanese Knotweed which was not included in the show, feel free to call our enquiries department on 0161 723 2000.

Also, for any businesses who want to have a one-to-one talk on Japanese Knotweed, then we are offering full CPD presentations to anyone interested. Please contact the same number as above, or email Jamie on [email protected]